Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thirteen Reasons Why I Imagine Depression Could Be a Good Thing

Since I'm embarking on a month long project to write a novel, I can't post my usual columns every week and still meet the 50,000 word goal for November. Instead, I'm going to post these "Thursday Thirteen" entries. I've prepared most of them before November so that I can post them on schedule every Thursday at 1pm MST.

The point of Thursday Thirteen is to let you, the reader, learn more about me. Today I introduce you to my black sense of humor, developed over years of struggling with the blackest of moods, and bound to offend someone somewhere. I ran these all by my 11 & 14 year old daughters as a safeguard, however, and they approve. They even found them funny. This means that either I'm worrying about nothing again, or I have horribly bent my sweet children.

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Reasons Why I Imagine Depression Could Be a Good Thing

  1. It helps me seem really sensitive when I'm watching chick flicks with my wife.

  2. Nobody ever has to tell me to not get my hopes up.

  3. I don't have to worry about putting together mismatched outfits because all my clothes are black.

  4. The stock prices of my favorite chocolate companies are always going up.

  5. Since all my poetry sounds like suicide notes I have a very lucrative career writing songs for Emo bands.

  6. I don't have to worry about watering my plants because they can't grow in the darkness.

  7. Helps me obtain vast personal growth because I'm always eating.

  8. Good news is always a surprise because I don't ever expect it.

  9. I only have to pay for one ticket at the movies.

  10. I can get my mother off the phone fast whenever I start to talk about my feelings.

  11. I get the couch all to myself at parties because nobody wants to chat with me.

  12. I get to know all the hotty operators at the Crisis Hotline.

  13. Election day results don't phase me because I'm already down

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