Thursday, April 02, 2009

So What Exactly Am I Supposed to be Writing About?

Over the past few months I have addressed your questions in the comments sections and made promises to dedicate articles to some of the questions you have raised.

Then I forgot.

It's that cursed AD/HD thingummy. You'd think I would have learned my lesson and written the questions down or, even more helpful, started the articles as drafts with nothing but the questions recorded so I wouldn't forget them.

Alas, I'm just not that organized.

If you can remember which topics I promised to cover that I haven't written about already, please let me know here in the comments. I know there are a few topics left uncovered. Will vs. Wallow part four is still waiting to be written, for example.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to pitch ideas to me. Just be kind:

Reader1: Hey, remember you promised to write about Miley Cyrus nude again?
Me: No, I'm sure I've exhausted that particular subject.
Reader1: No, really. You promised to write about her relation to Morgan Fairchild, Martin Short, and Mania.
Me: Really? That doesn't sound like...
Reader1: Hey! I wouldn't lie to you. Cross my heart.
Reader2: Sure! Yeah, what he said! And the circus dwarves!
Me: Well, OK, if that's what I promised.
Reader1: And don't forget you promised to PayPal us all $50…