Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Morning Creativity

Morning creativity
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I should warn you. After all this writing I've done for my #mlhh project, I've been feeling an itch to blog again, especially after reading a brilliant column by Dave Barry on his experience getting a colonoscopy.

I can completely relate with Barry's experience. When I was passing a kidney stone in 2001 and the doctor told me he wanted to ram Robbie the Robot's arm up through my traumatized manhood, I politely said "Sure thing, doc!" then never called him again. I instead passed the stone while my wife passed a child. Now I can tell you with certainty that passing a stone truly is the closest a man can get to child labor. I held her hand the whole time.

But I digress.

If I'm going to blog more, however, I might consider a new approach, or an old one for that matter. Even with my secret to eternal youth posted publicly for the world to see, I have to say I've been quite serious over here. Too serious. When I consider how much fun I had writing "The Quiet Riot", and how ADDitude magazine is paying me to reprint it in their Fall edition, I can see the writing on the wall: I need to write jokes for popsicle companies for a living.

While I'm working on that new life dream, I might try to step up the game over here. I'll start with this photo. "Morning Creativity". Already, I'm laughing. Morning? When am I up in the morning? In this case, "morning" simply signifies the beginning of my day. The sun had been up for a while. In fact, it had crossed across the entire sky and into my backyard. I'm fairly positive that's why I woke up in the middle of the day. Best alarm clock ever.

By this point I've spent more time writing an article about how I want to write more in my blog than I've spent writing on #mlhh, which supposedly is taking me away from my blog. Betcha can't guess I have ADHD.