Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Muse - An Abyssinian Cat Catches My Eye

As much work as they were, I really missed these writing exercises. At first I didn't think they fit on the blog, but lately I've been getting extremely bored writing about my problems. How many different ways can I write "I'm a failure/I'm not really a failure"? I'd rather do something more constructive.

When I was researching my Secret Cat Project a few weeks ago, I came across this lovely Abyssinian silver. Immediately, I asked myself, "What's this cat looking at?"

Keep your reply short (advice meant for me) and have some fun with it. I'll start:

Mrs. Sibbins' cat sat in our tree and continued to stare down at us. Katy was blowing out candles and everyone was cheering, but I couldn't keep my eye off that cat.

It was so beautiful with its tall ears and long, flyaway whiskers—almost like antenna. And such golden eyes. I usually loved looking it. Why was it making me feel nervous today?

I watched it lick its lips.

Katy was opening a present from Sarah now. I clapped along with the other girls. She was so lucky. Sarah gave her a lipstick kit. Then I looked back at the tree. The cat was still watching us. It was a little further down the tree.

I turned to my friend next to me. "Jenny, has anyone seen Mrs. Sibbins lately? I haven't seen her outside in forever."

"My mom and Mrs. Myer were just talking about that yesterday. No one has seen her in weeks." Jenny drank some punch and turned back to look at Katy. She was opening a present from Jill now.

"I wonder who is feeding it?" I asked, but Jenny wasn't paying attention. Jill had given Katy a gift certificate to Hair Palace. Katy squealed and hopped in her seat. She looked funny, but I was a little jealous. I love that place.

The cat was licking its lips again; it looked hungry. I think it was closer to the ground, but I wasn't sure. I hadn't seen it move.

Katy's mom ran inside to get the ice cream while Katy opened my gift last. My mom had picked up a movie card with enough money on it for a popcorn. I hoped Katy liked it.

Katy did. She didn't squeal or hop up and down, but she smiled and thanked me.

"Oh, I've got to go!" Jenny suddenly said. "I've got to see my orthodontist." Everybody said their goodbyes to Jenny as she hurried past the tree into the woods. She lived on the street beyond. As I waved to her the smile on my face froze. Mrs. Sibbins' cat was following Jenny into the woods. I suddenly got all nervous again.