Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid ADHD Impulses I Kind of Like

Fast Food
Originally uploaded by Darkstream.
Considering what I've been through this summer (something I hope to write about this week), and how hard I've been pushing myself to finish a certain web project, I'm not really surprised that I was up the other night walking around trying to find something interesting to photograph.

I took this particular series of photographs right after I went out for a bike ride. Somehow the irony that the empty fast food patio meant I should be in bed, too, escaped me.

Most people need a break when they work hard. They'll get up, stretch their back, and maybe go for a walk to change the scenery. I'm no different than any one of them. It's just that my walks are at 3am.

That's probably not a good walking-about-the-town time. It's probably even worse to race along at that time on a bike. I don't worry about those things, though, when I get bored in the middle of the night. It's one of the few ADHD impulses I don't bother suppressing. The night is so quiet that my mind feels clear from the lack of commotion. I do some of my best thinking then.

But worry not. The break worked. I survived and came back refreshed to work some more. Soon the web project will be finished and I'll right my sleep schedule. Then I won't have an excuse to be up so late anymore.

What ADHD impulses do you encourage that you probably shouldn't?