Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spitting in the Eye of Morpheus

Writing PerspectiveAlthough it is 6:30am now as I write this, yestermorn's insomnia was worse. I retired to bed at 9am and lay there awake and unsleepy. The CPAP mask hugged my face with its life-giving embrace. A dark blindfold was tied around my head to thwart the sun's purpose. The sounds of brown noise ebbed in the background, while my headphones were sounding the lilting oddness of binaural beats. Yet, sleep still eluded me.

After twenty minutes of lying there trying to think of sleepy thoughts, I suddenly realized how to fix my easy reader manuscript. ADHD had struck.

Off came the blindfold, and up came the iPhone. Held over my head in the air as I lay on my back, my thumbs pounded away at my new idea. Just as my triceps and shoulders began to burn with the strain, I typed my last word. The manuscript was finished. I had taken the agent's critique to heart and worked on improving my story.

With luck the revisions would hold up to scrutiny when I awoke. I was so satisfied, I finally fell asleep. ADHD & sudden offbeat thoughts had come to my rescue.

And now I am finally sleepy again. Adieu.