Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ADDaboy! - Can Anger Be Funny?

After revealing my dark, secret verbal abuse issues on the highways of Utah, I hope that people can chuckle at them with me. My last article over at ADDaboy! had my wife in traction from laughter. If I doubted even once in the past 21 years that I married the wrong person, it was removed then. You don't know me as well as she does, but perhaps you will find it humorous, too:

ADHD Frustration - Get Out of My Way or I Shall Taunt You a Second Time
I skirt through traffic like a hyperactive kid in a pod racer.

Then I bump into somebody going 5mph slower than the stated speed who likes to brake for dust motes, or maybe they are on a cell phone and driving erratically, or they suddenly decide as I come up on them that THEY and THEY ALONE must be in front. These people irritate me in visceral ways that ignite the megaton nuke inside my mind.

And then I open my mouth.

If you have anger & frustration issues due to ADHD, I'd love to know your thoughts on my new article. Please pop on over and leave a comment.