Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Final Bell Hasn't Rung Yet

Wensday - Entry 33

⚡ I have to admit I'm a bit discouraged today. I seem to be spirally downward this year. 92 days of flu…a random car accident that put me in physical therapy for the next three months…now the spiffy replacement minivan is breaking down. That's half a year wasted to infirmity and trauma. I have so much to do, and money that needs to be earned. I'm tired of the sob story. I want the success story. I keep moving forward to it, but days like today put my progress at a crawl. At least I can still crawl, though, right⸮ 

Enforced optimism is tough when life beats you up, but the alternative is to quit. Quitting ensures defeat. I think I far prefer the story of endless struggle over ignominious failure, so I'll keep fighting. 

Sometimes people think I've got it easy because I try to be cheerful and cheeky, but all my accomplishments over Depression, ADHD & Chronic Motor Tic Disorder  come with a lot of fighting. This week I got KO'd, but the final bell hasn't rung yet, and I still have some fight left in me.