Monday, October 20, 2014

Sometimes ADHD Mistakes Can Be a Good Thing?

ADHD autopilot errors
ADHD Autopilot Errors

It isn't unusual for ADHD to help me out with its upsides. For instance, I sometimes rely on ADHD's penchant for distraction to alleviate Depression. When writing here, however, I tend to focus on the outlandish goof-ups for laughs. This is why today's event was so unusual. An ADHD mistake that worked to my benefit? I'm still astounded.

It all began last Friday. I replied to an editor at PsychCentral after she emailed me to let me know that the recent interview on Depression was posted. I thanked her for including me in their article. I then offered to answer any questions on Depression that they might have in the future. I was so pleased with myself. Not only had I sent out a “thank you” within an hour or two of the email, but I pitched my talents—something that is typically difficult for me.

It was at that proud moment that I noticed the editor had already asked me in that very email if I would like to answer some more questions on Depression. She even included all the questions.

How on Earth did I miss that‽ How embarrassing. This was classic ADHD. I was so hyperfocused on one thing (thanking & pitching) that I missed the rest of her email.

I then sent another email, made light of my oversight, and explained in jest that this situation was evidence of my ADHD. I let her know that I would be happy to participate in another interview. Then I worried. After so many years, you would think I'd seen the last of my careless mistakes.

Today I received her reply. She laughed at my goof and then asked me to participate in an article on ADHD that she was writing. Could I describe what ADHD feels like? Oh, boy, could I!

Normally, my ADHD screw ups don't work out so well, especially ones done on ADHD autopilot. Little did I know that I was auditioning for another interview. I'm not necessarily elated that I got the gig this way, but I'm too practical to pass up this opportunity. Now I just need to remember to answer the questions she sent me. That shouldn't be too hard, right? It's not like I'm absentminded or anything.