Saturday, January 02, 2016

What? You Can Actually Buy It?

Saying NO to Suicide coverA funny thing happened to me on my way to greeting the New Year. I put a book up for sale. I know! Crazy, right? It’s like I’ve just been talking about it forever, and now I pull a fast one on you and actually deliver. Where will this lead? I might start posting blogs more often again. I might get on top of my email. I might even file my taxes for 2012. The sky’s the limit! I feel so relieved to have succeeded at this goal. It was a difficult project because the subject matter was not the most cheerful, but I believed in what I was trying to accomplish, so I kept going.

Saying “NO” to Suicide explores the growing problem of suicide by breaking down the process of recovery into steps to develop awareness and coping strategies. I used experiences that I’ve written about on this blog to explore the different aspects of suicidism, and I gave tips on how to avoid the downward spiral suicidal ideation creates. I also provide tips for family & friends who deal with suicidal people. Much has been written for those who survive a loved one’s death, but not a lot has been written to help family & friends relate better with their suicidal loved one. I sincerely hope people find my suggestions helpful.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past year, this has been what’s occupying my time. Well, this and Xenoblade Chronicles X, but let’s pretend I didn’t mention that. I finally sent the finished copy of my book to Amazon Kindle Direct late New Year’s Eve. It became listed for sale in the wee hours of the New Year. Then I put the book up on Smashwords, which distributes to iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Overdrive. Although Smashwords has my book available for sale in epub form on their site, my book will appear on those other bookstores by the middle of next week. If you don’t know how to side load ebooks, you may want to wait.

Apple iBooks
Amazon Kindle
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Smashwords ePub (all other eReaders)

And that’s that. Thanks for your support and patience. Now, onward to the next book!