Friday, January 27, 2017

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Sixteen

Nifty logo of words in a fishbowl

5:56 PM: I’ve had a flurry of productivity and focus lately. I know exactly why, but I haven’t decided to share the reason yet. Last night, I fell asleep while watching Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes “The Final Problem”. This was not due to the plot boring me. I’ve had a hard week of family drama, family emergencies, and ticking. In fact, minutes before I fell asleep, I had just been laughing out loud during the scandalous nude scene. There I was minding my own business watching Sherlock investigate Mona Lisa forgeries, when this guy 👇🏼 suddenly mugged the camera before heading off to chat with the nude model. It’s like the plot jumped the tracks for a few minutes and headed out behind the shed with the other giggling school boys. So strange.

And I bet you thought Cumberbatchs Woman was scandalous
And I bet you thought Cumberbatch’s “Woman” was scandalous

So I decided to go to bed early at 10pm. I’m all grown up now! Except at that point, I couldn’t fall asleep. I wrote in bed for a bit, then I got up, got dressed, did a security check at my chapel, and finally headed to Denny’s to finish my second Family Guy article before the month disappeared on me. I outlined a few other articles as well. I was out until 4am, then returned home to sleep until 10am. Not the greatest sleep schedule, but not as bad as past weeks have been since my surgeries. I’ll take progress where I can.

I blogged again later today as well. But now my day has been derailed by my daughter. Before the night ends, however, I will finish a third Family Guy article and the lion’s share of the next chapter of my book. I finally found a fire to light under myself. Finding this fire has been difficult because of three months of convalescence and family turmoil, but finding your fire is key if you want to ride the waves of drama life sends your way, yet still remain productive by the end of the day.