Monday, January 21, 2008

Adult AD/HD Ambitions #2

If you have Adult AD/HD, or teenage ADHD, or just annoying ADD, you know how disruptive this quaint little mindblock can be. Each week I set a goal for myself to try to tame the AD/HD beast and push it back into a cage, so to speak. I invite you to set a goal for yourself and chart your progress with us in the comments section.

My goal for this week: Be Perfect. Be Punctual.

In general, when I know I have an appointment to keep I work to be there. The problem is that I tend to dread downtime. I actually worry about all the things that need to get done before I have to be someplace, envisioning sitting bored somewhere twiddling my thumbs while awaiting my appointment, so I try to get things done before I go. This is called "Putting Four into Three" - the only thing I took away from my time with Utah's premier (somewhat fascist) AD/HD specialist. I don't try to put four into three as much as I try to fit four dozen into three, which simply means I'm really lousy at gauging how much time projects take when I'm panicking. The end result is that I'm usually five minutes late.

To prevent that, I'm going to work on NOT fitting four into three, or even three into three. I'm going to take along what I can do while waiting and try to be early for a change. More importantly, I will make being on time a goal. Why keep friends waiting? Why inconvenience family? Sounds simple, but there is one element I've forgotten to factor in. I have AD/HD. This usually means just one "Oooh, shiny!" moment can put me terribly behind schedule even when I'm trying hard. I have no ready solutions for that problem, but I'll be working on it throughout the week.

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