Friday, January 18, 2008

The Splintered Chat #3

Last weekend's chat was a success. Interesting topics were covered and we had more than two people in there. Thanks for all involved. I'm now renaming the chat because the other one was boring.

I know you lurkers love the full RSS feed, but here's a game of Bejeweled to tempt you to come in and stay a while. Earn bragging rights and post your score below in the comments section. Of course, if the game is too interesting only the sounds of crickets will be heard below. So, to tempt you to chat let's discuss funny things you forgot because of AD/HD.

Comments will be open until late Sunday night, long after most of you have gone to bed, I bet.

Update 1/21/08 2:20:00 PM: Comments closed. Thanks for participating.

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