Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bounderies of Shadow

Bounderies of Shadow
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I shouldn't being seeing this. I shouldn't be shambling about the nocturnal landscape. There needs to be something wrong with standing on a main street and taking photographs without worry of being hit.

Yet there I am.

Years ago I would waste the wee hours of the morning away playing import Japanese video games. "Hey," I reasoned. "I'm already up!" I would explore those virtual worlds all night and into the morning. But honestly, there was so much more I could have been doing—so many more creative things that could be brought to life with my time.

Then again, sometimes I'm just restless.

If I'm awake and wandering the streets, I like to think about stories I'm writing or wrestle with inner demons. I'll even talk out loud to myself. No one will hear me and I work out my problems best that way. I can thank ADHD for that. In the future I may walk around in shabby clothes in full daylight while working out my latest plot twists—pushing a shopping cart for full effect. No one will be the wiser.

Evening Bloom
Originally uploaded by Darkstream.
Lately, I've been trying to use my camera to create interest in the world around me. The photo above is not just a picture of a shed. It's a collection of light and shadow. It truly piqued my interest as I walked by. This photo is not just plastic flowers, but an exploration of color and space.

You can see my progress within the past year here ( Somnambulism) by contrasting the new photographs with the earlier nocturnal ones. Life with an internet enabled camera has brought me from simple lifestreaming to the more interesting photographs I take today. I'm very pleased with my progress even if it does come at the expense of sleep.
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