Sunday, July 26, 2009

Through My Drinking Glass

Through My Drinking Glass
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Sometimes I just need to get out of the apartment to get work done. That may find me sitting in a parking lot somewhere working on my MacBook at 2am, or, as in this example, hanging out at an all-night restaurant.

The IHOP “ambience” was probably nicer than other places I've been in, but the patrons at night tend to be coarser and far more inebriated than daytime customers. Moments after taking this picture I was treated to Punch & Judy. They started off sweet enough, but suddenly he was mouthing off over and over again at the top of his emotionally sensitive lungs about how he didn't give a copulating pair of rodents about her past life. She laughed. Then pressed on. She wanted to discuss what she learned from her relationship with her ex-husband and he just wanted to eat. Truly it was a relationship destined for greatness. With luck she will never date him again.

I didn't get much done until they left their half eaten meals a short time later.