Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pics & Links - Tabs Can Be Happy Things.

Save a Bunch

While I work on my Words Per Day article (where I interviewed various authors about their daily goals), I thought I'd post a photo and some links.

I was surprised how empty Target was when I took this shot. If anything shows the downturn in the economy, this 9:45pm shot does. Target is usually hopping until closing. It' a metaphor for my life at the moment: All stocked up with no action. I need to infuse some life back into my existence. That's why I've decided to attend Life, the Universe, and Everything this Friday & Saturday. I haven't attended that symposium since at least 1997. I figure I should have the first chapter of Sneakers finished and under my belt by Thursday night. It's a good goal.

Building Communities - You've probably read lots of articles on how to create phenomenal blog popularity, but have you seen the advice hand drawn and illustrated? I love Suzanne Cabrera's work. So spontaneous and fresh. I would give my eye teeth and two left cheeks to be able to draw like that, but then I'd look really odd in family photos. Maybe I'll just draw more instead.

The Doctor is…Distracted - A doctor with ADHD? He found his strengths, identified his weaknesses, then tailored his life to fit. Inspirational. Every adult with ADHD needs to do the same if they want to succeed and find happiness.

The writer and self-esteem - How did Janette Rallison know I needed to read this? Warm, funny, insightful article.

I Insist it's Good to Know the Odds When You're Navigating the Publishing World - Brodi Ashton likes to know what she's up against when taking on the publishing world. The greater the odds, the sweeter the victory. Great attitude, and applicable to all matters in life.

Here's to a good day. Thanks for reading.