Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Week. New Beginning

I'm heading through mountain roads outside Logan, Utah after a day spent with family, and I'm feeling pretty good. The girls are listening to Rascal Flatts off an iPod and I've stopped ticking—leaving me free to write and think. I already did my part driving by getting us here in time for my nephew's blessing. It's my wife's turn now to take us leisurely home.

The week ahead will pick up pace just as soon as we step through the front door. For now I'm happy to enjoy the scenery despite the overcast, gray sky. Snow covers the mountains in patches, reminding me that Winter has yet to release its grasp on the weather.

As I reflect on my past week, I ponder on the hold my old problems have on my life. I wonder what I could have done differently. How could I have better used my time? My sleep schedule has flipped around again and I have been spending more time ticking than typing. Any productive writing time I have is spent on ADDaboy! My novel remains undisturbed and unfinished.

Fortunately, I see new weeks as new beginnings. Seven beautifully blank days lie open before me. One should learn from the past, not be ruled by it.

So this week I reclaim my sleep schedule, recommit to my Splintered Books project, and figure out how to write even if I'm ticking. It might be a touch difficult to type if my hands are flailing about, but otherwise I'm sure I can manage it if I have high enough motivation.

Wish me luck.