Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Just to Spite Life and Spit in Its Eye

Wensday - Entry 13:

General feelings of discouragement this morning. I'll take a moment to glibly express myself, then get busy.

I'm super disappointed Mia Love didn't defeat Jim Matheson last night. She came so close. So close. To use the rhetoric of the left, that means everybody who didn't vote for her was a racist, I guess. Who knew Democrats were so bigoted? Shocking, really… Wait, does that work only for Obama? What a special guy.

Mostly, I'm discouraged that I'm in a doctor's office again instead of working on my freelance job. Funds are sooooo low.

I realize that the last thing the Leprechaun wants right now is to have a sore throat & a cough while in a neck brace. How unlucky! And she's already miserable, so I have expressed plenty of sympathy to her. I guess I'm just frustrated because the only thing that seems to be happening like clockwork lately is the constant march of medical expenses. I do actually need to work to pay for them. Just a little bugaboo, I know.

Meanwhile, I will get writing done today. Freelance. NaNoWriMo. Blog. I'll do it all. Just to spite life and spit in its eye.


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