Friday, March 29, 2013

March Goes Out Lame

Our poor lady...

Friday - Entry 29:

Where to begin?

It is Day93. My energy levels seem to be returning, though the deep cough lingers. My lungs still burn as if I had just come down with bronchitis. I am still physically inactive, which is difficult as March goes out like a lamb with warm breezes and sunny days. I hope to go to church this Sunday and brave exposure to friendly, smiling people. If only I wasn't also suffering from a really bad haircut.

I must admit. It was a truly bad haircut. Each day I struggle with it to look halfway decent, but it seems to have been cut to enhance all of my cowlicks in the most unflattering ways possible. The hairs stick out here and there as if i had been trimmed by a blind gardner with a weed wacker. My vanity is deeply wounded…

…but not as deeply wounded as my beloved minivan.

On Wensday the 20th, the same day my blog passed the 300,000 unique visitor mark, my minivan was on its way to Unique Auto Body. I had been driving out of my building complex when a young lady coming the opposite direction took a left turn right in front of me. I did my best to react in time, and likely avoided further injury, but I wasn't able to clear her car. She clipped my front end severely. Everyone was all right. Nobody needed to go to the hospital. Yet my minivan was not so lucky.

I have seen worst crashes in my many years on the road, but my minivan is ten years old and only worth $1700, apparently. If the repairs cost more than the minivan is worth, it'll be scrapped. And I'll be looking at a car payment. Oh, joy.

I have spent the past week recovering from the accident, reminding me how frail I have become. My 46th year has not been an exemplary one so far. The accident exacerbated my illness, started me ticking for a few days, and has left me addled and weak. I like to believe that today marked a turning point for both the recovery and the recuperating.

I had intended to bang out six keyword freelance assignments tonight and list items on eBay to make rent next week, but instead I spent the evening caring for my sick daughter who is on an IV in the ER for dehydration. She sleeps now thanks to the medications, but vomiting twelve times took a toll on her body and my heart. After five hours of sickness and exams, it seems it was nothing more than a stomach virus. Soon I'll be taking her home.

Strangely, I am upbeat. Exhausted, but upbeat.

Despite all the drama, the most wonderful thing happened to me this week: I completely forgot about Spring Break. I've had my girls this week ALL DAY LONG. It is true that they have eaten my cupboards bare. I joked with others that my cupboards were so empty, we were sanding the shelves down for “oatmeal”. It is also true that I haven't been able to get a single thing done on my writing until the li'l insomniacs retired each night, leaving me haggard and worn out. But. I have had the most wonderful week with them.

My daughters are rays of sunshine in an otherwise bleak world. I may be more productive next week, but I will miss their light terribly. They ground me and give my life purpose. I sorely need that as I handle financial difficulties on top of this infernal chronic illness. It is my hope that the deathly hands of Winter will finally loose their grip on me, allowing Spring to give my health wings to soar.

That may have to wait until next week, however. For tonight, my daughter needs me to take her home, and I'll dip into the rent money to get her ginger ale & saltines while she recovers. Even if March goes out lame for me, I couldn't be happier.