Friday, May 09, 2014

ADDitude Magazine: Sprinkle a Li'l ADHD on Those Waffles

Last month I wrote about a breakfast fiasco over at Family Guy for ADDitude Magazine. In it I regaled my readers with a culinary horror story made all the more terrifying with ADHD lurking in the shadows. I may never look at maple syrup the same way again. I titled it “Sprinkle a Li’l ADHD on Those Waffles” and readers soon let me know that I was not alone in the dark on this one. One mother tortured her children with soy sauce on their waffles. Fortunately, I only tortured myself. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Other Stuff

• I wanted to let you know about an event that CHADD has coming up on May 18th. It’s the ADHD Walk & Family Fun Day. They’re hoping to get people to share the event via social media with photos and status updates. Too bad I am busy that day. Contact your local CHADD affiliate to find out how you can participate in this fund raiser.

• Last year a new reader posted a lot of comments while she was promoting her business. She didn’t end up sticking around, but I had always meant to share her page with you. You’d think I was forgetful or something. Go figure… At any rate, I liked how this reader supported her ADHD husband through his crafts. Go check out Brass Hammer Designs. There’s some nice work on there.

• Lastly, someone recently asked me which books I recommend for learning about ADHD. I will be reviewing a new book by Zoë Kessler (ADHD According to Zoë: The Real Deal on Relationships, Finding Your Focus, and Finding Your Keys) later this month (Poor Zoë. She’s been waiting forever for me), but for the time being thought I’d share one of my favorite books. It was eye opening for me when I read it twenty or so years ago. My copy is dog eared, worn, and peppered with sticky notes. It’s called Driven to Distraction (Revised): Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward Hallowell, Md. and John Ratey, Md. I’ve used their 20 criteria for diagnosing ADHD on this blog for years. Pick it up or borrow it from the library.