Friday, May 23, 2014

ADDitude Magazine: Taming Your Inner Hulk & Other Stuff

As an extension of my first blog about ADHD anger issues at ADDitude Magazine I took a slightly more humorous approach to the subject and wrote about my coping strategy for managing anger. It's the "closing the gap" technique I've written about here numerous times before. You can read Taming Your Inner Hulk over at the Family Guy. If you want me to go more into the "closing the gap" technique here, leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

Other Stuff:

I came across some iOS apps that are free today that might interest you. Even if the sale is over by the time you read this, I still feel the apps might be of value.

  • The first is Thinglist, normally $1.99, which bills itself as a "want to-do" list maker, but seems to be more of a visual "things I want to spend money on later" list. That's not a bad thing. I often want to remember movies that I want to see or pick up, or books I want to read, etc. but don't have an organized place to put them. They don't often fit well in my "3Do" list as I manage my day. Thinglist lets you gather these objects into one place with nifty icons. I'm trying it out today.
  • I was going to recommend the free Work Time, but it crashes harder than I do on a Friday afternoon. Free might be too much to pay for it, but if you know of any desk clock apps that show time and upcoming events that you love, please share them with me. I'm an iOS guy, but not all of my readers are, so Android users speak up. Thanks.
  • I don't take a lot of voice memos because I never remember to go back and identify them. Soon I have dozens of time stamped voice memos that I have to listen to in order to know what they are. I'm wondering if Recordium Pro is the voice memo app that will change that for me. I haven't put it through its paces yet, but at $6.99 it's pricey and I wanted you to know about its sale for FREE today. Pick it up and let me know what you think. 
  • Clear isn't free today, but it is still my favorite ToDo list app of all time. So simple, colorful, and easy to use. Syncs through iCloud between desktop and iOS devices so you always have the same list no matter where you are working. They've even found a way to add task alarms without cluttering the interface. It's quite elegant, and I highly recommend it.