Friday, May 30, 2014

ADDitude Magazine: Turkey Sandwich Condiments & Some Other Stuff I Finally Remembered

I had a lot of fun writing this article for ADDitude Magazine. Everybody misspeaks from time to time, and ADHD Adults can do it more than others. We just have crossed wires and things come out wackbards all the time. Can you relate? In this case I asked for an unlikely condiment to be put on my sandwich. I used that moment to help my girls understand later how they need to be patient with each other and cut each other some slack. You can read all about I'll Have a Turkey Sandwich; Hold the Autopilot over at the Family Guy.

Other Stuff

• A year ago. Yes, one year ago, a friend on Twitter send me a link of articles on ADHD over at Psychology Today. Then I forgot about it. I have to say that the one on French kids not having ADHD was a joke, but the other articles were quite interesting. You probably would have found them very interesting, too, one year ago. Here's hoping you still will.
• Not quite a year ago Healthline put together a very cool list of Android and iOS apps that helped with Depression. Wow! Wouldn't those have been awesome to share with somebody other than my inbox last August. So, I'll share them with you now in the hopes that you'll go easy on my absentminded noggin. Here's hoping the apps are still available. The Depressioncheck app seems interesting. I've downloaded it to give it a try. I'm not sure about that Pain and Depression Relief app. The doctor looks so creepy that I'm worried he'll induce insomnia, not reduce it. Smiling Mind has a silly icon, but it might be helpful. I've wanted to learn more about mindfulness. I've heard good things about Sleep Cycle, and the other iOS apps seem promising, as do the Android apps. Let me know if you try any of them out. I'm depressed just thinking about how that email sat in my inbox unshared for so long.