Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Writing in a Fishbowl v3 – Day Five

Nifty logo of words in a fishbowl

7:21 PM: Hello, Tuesday! It’s time to write before you turn into Wensday.

Just for your information, I won’t be writing these posts on Sundays. And yesterday’s excuse for not writing was an umbilical hernia. I’m patiently awaiting surgery for next month and moved a heavy box absentmindedly. How could I forget that I had a hernia? Well, I certainly remembered in a hurry once I injured myself. You know those core exercises done on exercise balls? The kind that were all the rage in the aughts? I always found them rather lightweight. I had no idea how much I used my abs to sit and type until I couldn’t do it yesterday. Very painful.

But who cares about my pain, right? You’re here to read about how I manage writing a book while dealing with depression or ADHD. Tonight I write a hoary tale of how one moment of ADHD can come back to haunt us months later.

I discovered to my horror that I had no idea where all my graphics were for my latest book’s blog post. I spent yesterday and today scouring my hard drive in search for them. I couldn’t remember what I called them. I couldn’t remember where I stored them. I had no memory of what happened to them. I even fired up TimeMachine and dug around my past. Still no luck. Why on earth do I do this to myself? Couldn’t I have written myself a note somewhere in all my very organized book notes? So I thought about it. If I were a bonehead with ADHD, what unrelated place would I stick graphics of Pokémon trades? Then it hit me! iPhoto! And there they were, right where they didn’t belong. I have often said that it is a good thing my brain is trapped inside my skull, or else I might misplace it.

The reason these graphics are so important is because they were screen caps of trades I completed on the Pokémon Global Link. Since Nintendo revamped that site to work with Pokémon Sun & Moon, I can’t access those old trades anymore. My plan was to tease gamers about the trading system I devised by posting the screen caps. Now that I have the screen caps again, tonight’s goal will be to create the landing page for my book. Then I can let people know about it and quickly get busy working on my next book…which I already started on Friday because I was so excited about it. Yes, one can be excited writing about depression. I know that sounds funny, but then again, if I didn’t enjoy writing about the subject, I never would have blogged about it here for almost twelve years.

I also need to write tomorrow’s blog post, which I think will be about confusing ADHD symptoms with cold symptoms. But for now, I’m off to gently walk the treadmill at VASA.

If you’d like a pain free reading experience learning how to help suicidal loved ones, read my book.