Friday, August 12, 2022

Bookwork Entry 5

The technical hurdles have been overcome, and I come to a decision regarding blogging. This is a slow process, but I'm glad I'm going through it. Regardless of Multi-Irons Syndrome, I need to focus on only one or two projects if I want to publish a book by the end of the year.

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12 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 5: I know that I am finally recovering from this last bout of illness.

Fifteen minutes after I woke up this morning, I figured out what was wrong with the Apache server and fixed it.

The Pelican blog server is up and running on my Mac, rsync updates the rPi's web content across the network perfectly, and the website loads quickly to the outside. All I need is a vanity domain name, illustrations of the female romantic lead, and I'm ready to go!

As far as my latest bout of Multi-Irons Syndrome is concerned, I have decided to blog weekly still, and I am committed to finishing the fantasy book I'm co-authoring with an associate. That's what the second website is for.

Of course, this was only a test case. I still need to migrate to my rPi, then tackle the remaining blog issue.

What blog issue?

What platform do I want to use instead of Can Pelican handle the naming conventions? Do I still want to blog about mental health? Can I seriously blog weekly about ADHD and depression at The Splintered Mind while working on a book based on my blog writings while also writing two fantasy novels?

No. Not likely. Something has got to go. I don't want to give up blogging, though. I enjoy it too much; I feel grounded when I blog; and I know that I have more people that I can help.

I have family that are ashamed of my blogging. They're either embarrassed for me or of me. They and others are convinced that blogging is a waste of my time. None of them spend any significant time with me, yet they all—ALL—think they know what's best for me. They never ask why I blog.

I guess that settles the matter of content. I want to continue helping people thru my writing, and so I shall continue honing my craft to that end.


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