Saturday, August 13, 2022

Bookwork Entry 6

Here's another thrilling tech-heavy entry as I battle the evil forces of drudgery, then I ask myself an important question: Why don't I make things easy for myself and just delete it all? It's tempting, but then I'd lose a few thousand or so links back to my blog. It would be a little like blowing up the airport on a remote island.

If you were curious how I am creating these PDFs, I take a .nebo notebook file from my Kobo Elipsa, open it in Nebo on my iPad, then export it as a PDF. The Elipsa supports an earlier version of Nebo's library that can create a pretty wild HTML copy of the journal entry using vector coordinates. The geek in me squees when I see the code, but when I paste it into a blog entry here, it breaks the blog. So we'll have to live with the wonky formatting here and there of the converted PDF. It's not a perfect world.

(Mobile browsers only display the first page. Please view the text entry after the embedded PDF…)


13 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 6: This journal has been effective. Now I know that I will continue to work on WaiMin—my fantasy novel—and I will continue blogging about ADHD and depression.

So why didn't I blog this week?

Long COVID fatigue. This journal is taking a lot out of me.

Today I will clone and prep the rPi to serve a third website. Since I've decided to continue blogging, I need to move my files off of our shared server.

However, not only do I need to migrate the web content, I have to convert seventeen years of blog entries, relink all the graphics (including graphics I hosted on Google's servers), fix all the cgi scripts, and migrate the email server & accounts.

Perhaps I hit my head while I was sick and am still addled.

Wouldn't it be nice to just delete the blog and start over? Why won't I allow myself to do that? Google juice? The legacy? The gravitas of seventeen years and 900 blog articles? It is no light matter. Once I toss it away, it's irreparably gone. But to migrate that much content leaves me gasping for air just thinking about it.

One thing does occur to me. I could just give a new home on my rPi. I could host all those files there and put off migrating away from at this time. It would be an effective stress test to see if my rPi can host all those graphics before moving everything else over. Perhaps that is the wisest decision.