Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Bookwork Entry 7

This process may seem dull, but it works extremely well for me, especially since I'm dealing with Post-COVID brain fog. Writing slowly by hand is helping me sort out my thoughts. In this entry, I decided the fate of the second novel. It's nice to imagine that I can simultaneously write two novels while blogging weekly while juggling Great White sharks and chainsaws on a unicycle, but I have to be honest with myself.

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24 AUGUST 2022
Bookwork 7: Family visits and fatigue have halted the geeky server work. I hope to get back on track soon.

Tonight I'm contemplating my second novel. I don't believe it has a ghost of a chance to see the light. I can't even handle my current workload. Why add more?

Because, unlike WaiMin, this is purely my story. Because the story is nagging me to give it life. Because it will be easier to consult with myself over story ideas. Because I'm bored.

Speaking of consulting with myself, both of us have agreed to put off writing this story until:

  1. I am blogging weekly for a month.
  2. I am writing WaiMin weekly for a month.
  3. I have sketched Bethsi, my female lead, and am drawing weekly.
  4. I have finished reading all the ghost reference books.
This will not be an easy list to complete. I have effectively shelved the project.

Now I have to get back on track with the website work.


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