Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Weird Luck: I now have two replacement PDAs

I've decided my luck isn't as bad as it is weird. Sure, the month got off to a bad start. Qwest cancelled my DSL without notice. I had phone service. I had their DSL modem, but I had no internet access. Then they weren't able to restore my service without forcing me to resign up. I went a week and a half without internet access war walking the neighborhood searching for open WAPs. That was fun. I had the flu twice. That was fun. So far, just bad luck, right? Then today DHL knocked on my door with my replacement PDA. Remember I mentioned before that the skin on my Zire72 was hanging off the unit in shreds? Well, I'd already received my replacement unit in January. (No peeling so far, btw, so I'm fairly happy). I returned my old PDA just last week. So imagine my surprise to receive another one. Some people would say "Score!", but this isn't a freebie. I'll have to pay money to ship it back or they'll charge me $299. I know plenty of people who might experience one of the things I mentioned, but all of them? That's just weird.

Best thing so far that has happened to me this month is my client likes my designs for his poster. But that's not really good luck, is it? And my Spring papers are selling well. That's great news! But it's not good luck either. I'm still waiting for the Universe to balance things out with a truly bizarre but beneficial thing to happen to me. I'm overdue. :) LOL