Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bad Luck: The Cost of Being Unlucky & Why My Socks Are Always Wet

The repair estimate for my camcorder came in today. Would you believe they want $167 to eject a cassette? My mind is still spinning. The estimate is so ridiculous that I'm actually laughing out loud. I'd have to be insane to pay them that much. Since I bought my Canon ZR70MC the prices for such toys fell through the roof. I can get a Canon ZR200 for $369 at It shoots in widescreen format and can function as an analog to DV passthru converter, plus it would have a warranty. I pay $167 and I get an old camcorder refurb with no warranty. All because the silly camcorder pooped out on me one week after it's warranty expired. No, thank you.

Other updates: The MIDI keyboard we purchased at Christmas has four dead keys. Took me two weeks of phone tag to get a Return Authorization number. That was fun. Palm wanted to bill me for that extra Zire72 they mailed me by accident. That was fun. Qwest forgot to reinstate my static IP address after rudely disconnecting me from the internet for a week and a half and now they want to charge me another setup fee. More fun. And my iBook's possessed trackpad is still possessed even after I had the topcase replaced. Maybe I should move back to the caves and give up on electronics?

One happy note. My third Palm Zire72 hasn't peeled or shown any traces of rot. I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting them to get it right on the third try.

Meanwhile, I am preparing my next blog essay of sorts. This time I will tackle insomnia. Since it's 3am while I type this, I think that insomnia is definitely a trouble spot in my life. While you are waiting for my next entry, share with me your crazy bad luck experiences. They don't even have to involve electronics. For example, did you know that if there is a wet spill somewhere on the floor I will be the one to discover it? The entire kitchen will be filled with family, but somehow I'll be the only one to step in the spill. My kids think it's funny. My wife thanks me for mopping up the spill with my socks. I just try to figure out how I can see this odd event as a positive attribute. It's hardly a job skill, unless I could freelance for Hazmat...