Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bad Luck: My Exciting Trip to the Bathroom

Mr. Bean or me?It's been a few entries since I covered my extraordinarily bad luck here. I thought maybe I was writing the subject into the ground, but then Monday happened. To be fair I should point out that Monday's aren't any worse for me than any other day. But I know that Monday is a bad day for others so you'll have to forgive me for my blatant ploy for instant sympathy.

I had just brought my daughter to voice lessons when I thought I'd take a pit stop before entering her room. As I opened the door to the bathroom there must have been something behind the door I hadn't seen because the door bounced back and shoved me into the frame. I then bounced off the frame and back into the door which pushed back at me again. I was glad nobody else was in the waiting room to watch me fight to get inside the bathroom. Soon, my battle with the door was over. I grimaced at it and proceeded inside. The door was so old it had a cast iron knob and no lock. However, there was a hook with an eyelet to keep things private. I mused that maybe the studio could spend some of that money we gave them to fix a few things up around the studio.

I'll spare you the more delicate details, but soon it was time to remove the evidence of my visit. A little hand written note on the toilet informed me that I had to hold down the handle in order to flush. This I did and waited and waited and waited for the flushing part to happen. Soon, I began to suspect the toilet was not only as old as the door, but out to get me as well. So I gave up holding down the handle and stepped back towards the sink. The toilet promptly flushed. I did some more grimacing.

The old sink allowed me to wash my hands without incident, but as I swiped off a square of paper towel to dry my hands the roll launched high into the air as it came free from its very ancient and feeble towel holder. The roll hit the ground and proceeded to unravel for about five feet. By the time I had rolled it all back up again my hands were dry and I stuck the loosely wound roll by the sink. Now I was shaking my head thinking "what next?". That's when the door knob fell off when I opened the door.

As I watched the silly thing roll out into the waiting room I felt as if I was in a badly written sitcom, or perhaps a Mr. Bean episode. So I laughed. What else could I do? Get mad at an old door? Get mad at the studio? Well the head of the studio does charge $75 a half hour for voice lessons. If I was paying him instead of a lower tiered instructor I might be more upset. Or at least insist he upgrade his studio to be compliant with the amenities of this decade and not one from 75 years ago. But the whole experience was too funny to get upset about.

My wife giggled herself silly when I told her about my trip to the bathroom later that night (Further evidence of why I married her). She's used that bathroom dozens of times without any troubles. She insisted that this event be my next "Bad Luck" blog entry. It is uncanny how bad my luck is, or at least how funny it is. And I was thinking happy thoughts, too. I guess the universe really does have it in for me. ;)