Friday, June 10, 2005

Bad Luck: Wet & Green Underwear - So Fun!

It's been a while since something stupid but funny happened to me. Not that the opposite had been happening. I'm not sure I want to experience intelligent but unamusing events. Instead, I'll have to settle for wet underwear.

My wife came home late the other night from the laundrymat with all our laundry in tidy bags (Our dryer stopped working but I didn't think that was funny enough to write about). Four bags of neatly folded laundry all stacked and ready to be put away. So the next morning she went to do just that and discovered that the Simple Green had emptied out - all over my underwear. Four bags packed with clothing. One bag with her and my underwear and mine are the only ones stained squeeky green. I swear the Universe is out to get me.