Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good Luck: iPod Freebie from Apple

The protective scroll wheel covering came off my iPod mini a few weeks ago and it revealed an odd defect on the select button. A perfectly round divot at the top of the button warped the buttons shape and prevented it from being flush. The unit worked fine (aside from occassional calendar issues), so I didn't think the functionality was ruined, but it did bother me. So I contacted Apple.

They wanted to charge me $50 for tech support since my unit was outside of the free 90 days, so I hurriedly explained my need and that led me to their website where I filled out a form. I must have selected the wrong section though because there were no options to select a problem with my iPod - just it's peripherals. I selected what I thought was a peripheral that would be the same size as my iPod: the remote.

I explained the problem in detail and mentioned that this was not a remote issue. I then submitted the request. 24 hours later a box arrived that was the perfect size for my iPod mini. But inside was a brand new shiny remote. There was no return packaging for my "broken remote". I called my local Apple retailer and asked what I should do since a) my problem hadn't been fixed and b) I hadn't paid for the remote. My concern was that Apple would charge me $50 if I called them again. The paperwork did say they would bill me, however, if the issue wasn't covered by my warranty. But they haven't billed me yet. The guy at the Apple store told me to keep it. So I'll wait for the bill, but I suspect it isn't coming.

So weird defect yielded positive results. Who says nothing good ever happens to me? Oh, I do. At any rate, I filled out the forms again and this time received a return box for the iPod. Off it goes today. Am I at the beginning of an upswing? Or are the forces of the Universe gathering in preparation for the big smack down?

Who knows how this will turn out? Hopefully, the worst that will happen is that I'll go through withdrawal while my iPod is away.