Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ADHD: Oh, the Places Our Minds Can Take Us

Sometimes ADHD can be a congressional pain in the wazoo - A colossal time waster that eats productivity like a kid with a grab bag of Halloween goodies. How often have I discovered hours missing after pursuing a new titillating tidbit of tech tastiness? This is the bane of my existence. And yet, sometimes good things come of the free spinning of electrons in my neurons.

Take Apple's recent announcement of the iPod with video capabilities and TV shows available for download. I may not have a need for a video playing iPod, but that TV service intrigued me so off I went to see what I could see. A few downloads and a day later I began to muse on the experience and decided to write about it. When I was finished I had an edifying editorial on the pros and cons of the Apple video foray and only THEN did it occur to me that the editorial didn't fit well with my neurological playland here at The Splintered Mind.

Despair! Alas! I had wasted time again. Or had I1? One of the foremost purposes of this little blog is to practice writing with an eye on publishing professionally. So what was I going to do with this article? I decided I was going to get somebody else to publish it. I could publish it here, but I felt it was too good. I know. Oh, the cleverness of me.

In the end, Jason O'Grady over at PowerPage - a Mac tech journal - liked it enough to put it on his blog and the rest is history. Oh, I would have liked a link back, but a byline is nice and is a step in the right direction. In fact, this misstep turned out for the better for me, giving me immense satisfaction. Not bad for a distraction. Next time I'll request a linkback so I don't feel like poor Kate here.

Coping Strategies:

1) Make lemonade out of lemons.