Saturday, March 25, 2006

New FDA Warnings and a Testimonial

While I'm finishing up the illustrations for my double sized column for this week I wanted to pass along some warnings from the FDA. If you've followed my blog for a while you know that I stand against medications as a first line of attack for treating neurological problems. I see them as rife with side-effects and a poor substitute for coping strategies. This attitude doesn't make me popular. I'd wager that a more popular pro-meds stance would help me retain higher readership around here. Some could argue that my lack of a medical or psychological degree makes me ill-qualified for passing out advice of any kind concerning meds, and I would agree with them to a certain extent. If you really do read my column you know that I don't carelessly tell people to stop taking their meds. I simply encourage them to be careful.

What I can offer with absolute certainty is my life as a worse case scenario. My experience with meds has always been filled with almost every bizarre side-effect they could fit on the prescription printout. I have permanent neurological damage because I was trying to treat AD/HD and depression with desoxyn and zoloft. I now have Chronic Motor Tic Disorder as a permanent friend and let me tell you something - AD/HD and Depression were easier to handle. Nothing can stop me from flailing about uncontrollably or barking out non-sensical gibberish during dinner except a really long nap and sometimes that doesn't work either since I'm an insomniac. I am officially disabled because of side-effects. Doctors have offered me MORE meds to offset the tics, but they have their own side-effects. No thank you.

I have a great doctor now who helps me choose the safest meds possible when needing prescriptions for illnesses. I only wish the turkeys who were trying to help me 14 years ago had been as conscientious. The whole point of this diatribe is that I want you to understand WHY I am hostile towards meds. I cut a lot of jokes around here, but side-effects are no laughing matter. Besides, meds have their limitations. I saw a slogan on another website that summed my attitude perfectly: Pills Don't Teach Skills

Understanding that I have certain apprehensions about meds, also understand that I know everybody doesn't have issues with side-effects like I do and that some people need these meds to survive. It is not my intention to make you folks feel inferior to me. I don't believe you are ignorant dupes, but I would be doing you a disservice if I never spoke a word of caution. If only I had known how damaging side-effects could be. I took my medications for a few weeks despite what they were doing to me because I trusted my doctors and because the meds regulated all the things they were supposed to regulate. I hadn't had such a productive period in a long time. But it came to an end in a way that will last decades.

So take a gander at these new reports of aggression, hallucinations, and heart risk in children on common meds for treating AD/HD. If psychotropic meds work for you, just promise me that you'll educate yourself about the potential side-effects so you can be on the lookout for them. At first sign discontinue meds immediately and contact your physician or therapist. Why play Russian Roulette with your brain?

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