Thursday, August 24, 2006

Keeping Myself on the Back Burner

I'm sitting on a bench waiting for my daughter to come out of the office of a local Country music radio station. This will be her first time promoting herself professionally. She's only 14. I've got my other three girls waiting out in the van, doors open, within ear shot so I can keep tabs on them. Otherwise, I'd be in the office with my oldest girl.
My daughter's mission: To thank the local marketing director for letting her participate in the Colgate Country Music Showdown and to find the name of the gentleman who MC'd the showdown so she can pitch her single to him. When she performed at a County Fair she was the last act right before the State finals. Apparently, several people from the radio station booth poked their heads in to hear her sing and liked what they heard.
These days the radio is filled with playlists picked in dark smokey rooms somewhere far from our livingroom. There is little chance that my daughter's low budget produced single is going to get any airplay. However, where's the harm in trying? At the least it will be great experience for her. When the time comes to press palms and show her stuff she'll be comfortable at it. Besides, this is a locally owned conglomerate. Who knows?
Makes me wonder about my career and what I want to do next. The "Art Rehab" I'm doing is going slower than I had anticipated (more on that later). The girls have kept me so busy this summer. It's only going to get worse from here on. Every project of mine has taken a severe hit. All major decisions have been made just in time for school to start on Monday. Home schooling for the younger girls. Charter school for my oldest. Plus podcasts, performances, gigs, etc. Sometimes, I feel it's a little unfair. I do have my own dreams and aspirations. But would I really put those dreams before my kids? No.
She's back now. Neither party was in so we'll have to come back later. She's beaming, filled with self-confidence even though our mission was a bust. I couldn't love her any more than I already do.