Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taking Your Disabilities Too Seriously Today? Go Pop Some Popcorn!

(cc) Douglas CooteyCan't focus during exams because of all the pencil tapping? Can't get to the family reunion, nevermind smile for pictures, because of Depression? Does your spouse have to cut your food for you because of your tic disorder? You think YOU have problems? Take a walk in the shoes of the employees of the City of Seattle. Their inalienable right to microwave popcorn during breaktime is being jeopardized city-wide. You have to read it to believe it.

Sometimes we can become fatigued from the fight to overcome our disabilities. Sometimes we can feel as if we've put in too much effort and energy just to be mediocre. During times like this I find it vital to keep my sense of humor. I look for anything that can lift my spirits and stave off depression and negativity - even silly articles on banning microwaved popcorn. It is a coping strategy that anybody could utilize, but is very important for those susceptible to Depression to implement in their lives.

So don't let your deficiencies get you down. A positive outlook can make a world of difference to a difficult day. Take a moment out to read the article, have a chuckle, then go pop some popcorn. Just try not to burn it. You might be facing a ban one day.

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