Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reclaiming Your Mind One Mess at a Time - Day 4

Do you find some of my cleaning projects intimidating? If so, you might like today's project.

Clutter CityIt's a busy day, you haven't the time to take a slow breath, nevermind prune through your junk piles, but you're committed to cleaning one small mess a day. What do you do?

Start small.

My closet project proved larger than I intended. I needed to take it easier today. How could I do that and stick to the plan? Choose a smaller project. Today's project? The top of the small fridge.

Ahhhh. I can think clearly now.Easy to clean, I just gathered everything into piles according to person in the home, happily threw out random screws, elastics, and other fuzz, then boxed up the broken plates and prepared it for shipping. Lastly, I wiped things down with a cloth. Even though this project only took me 20 minutes I felt just as pleased when it was finished as I did when I organized my closet shelf. Look at that top. How could I not feel pleased?

The important part of this project is to build self-esteem through success and to free our mind by freeing ourselves of clutter. No matter how small the project, each success is a step forward. Good luck.

Join me each day this week and comment here when you finish. Spread the word. Let's get a whole bunch of us filling up landfills across the world*. The trick is to pick a small pile that can be polished off in one quick session. Most of my readers are dealing with Depression, AD/HD, or both so beginning yet another unfinished project brings a lot of emotional baggage. Start small and congratulate yourself on success. Know your limits, but push to expand them, and always remember "When in doubt, throw it out."

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