Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adult AD/HD Ambitions #3

Each week I chart a course for success. I tell myself "This is the last week AD/HD will run my life!" I haven't succeeded yet, but I've come pretty darn close. OK, last week I couldn't have been further from the mark if I had hopped on a jet and flew in the opposite direction. Still, getting myself to think about change is part of the process.

Don't let Adult ADD run your life. Pick one thing to work on this week and take the plunge with me. Chart your progress here and let us know how you do.

My goal for this week: Be Punctual.

Last week I didn't do so well with this goal. Yes, it's not my fault that Bigfoot stole my keys and ran off with my minivan. Not buying it? Would you believe four angry munchkins nailed me to my bed? Nah, my doctor didn't buy that one either, but excuses aside, I do think I can make this goal. I'll just try harder.

I will try to leave even more time before each appointment to allow for random pandemonium than I did last week. I'll fine tune this process and figure out where I'm going wrong to correct for it. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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