Friday, February 01, 2008

The Splintered Chat #5

Here we are again. A brand new weekend. I hope you have a good one planned, whatever your style. I'll go ahead now and open comments up in our weekly open thread.

I'll start the chat off by asking you about comments, though you can still feel free to discuss anything.

I've been thinking of doing away with Anonymous comments. I'd like to cut down on negative posts, and I'd like to get to know some of the positive commenters who have posted Anonymously. However, I haven't shut off Anonymous comments because in the past I feared forcing a login to post comments seemed like comment death. Besides, it is insidiously easy to forge an ID. All an Anonymous poster has to do is create a dummy Blogger account and then flame with with carefree abandon.

However, Blogger has added some new login features you may not know about. Check out this picture of the various sites now supported by Blogger:

Blogger logins

Do you think this will help or hurt comments here? Do you think it will matter? Are you happy McCain won Florida? Oh, sorry. My mind wandered. Regardless of how you feel on Anonymous posting, users of other blog platforms can now log in and link their blogs to their comments much easier now. That's a good thing and I hope some of you take advantage of it. I like to read the works of others.

As for Anonymous posters, I'm still mulling the idea over. In the meantime, have fun below.

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