Friday, September 12, 2008

The 98th Most Fabulous Mental Health and Psychology Blog

Here's a little tidbit I forgot to mention last month. I was placed in University Reviews Online's Top 100 Mental Health and Psychology Blogs. I'm all the way down the list at #98.

The entry reads:
98. The Splintered Mind - Douglas Cootey is currently dealing with both AD/HD and depression. Learn how he is overcoming his conditions and leading a more fulfilling life here.

At first I worried that this was just a form of link baiting, but the creators of the list took time to comment on every blog they listed. It is quite a bit of work and I recommend giving the list a look over. You may find something there to your liking.

As for being #98, I could say that the list isn't graded from most important to least important, but I think my placing is an apt metaphor for my life: A guy who is just barely passable. It's sure to keep me humble.

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