Tuesday, December 16, 2008

100,000 and Beyond

Hear this article read to you:

Sometime on Friday my blog crossed the 100,000 mark for unique visitors. This was supposed to happen around the first week of January, but the CNN interview & ADDitude Magazine write-up helped boost visits.

I had planned on noting the milestone as it happened, but I'm afraid I had a pretty bad ticking episode on Friday.

To the new readers who have recently discovered my blog, thank you for dropping by. I hope you like what you see and come back again.

To my old readers who have been faithfully following me since near the beginning, thank you so much for your faith in me. I hope that I can continue to reward that faith. I am humbled that so many people have found something to connect with in my writing.

Here's to the next 100,000 visitors. May they be as as fabulous an asset to this blog as you have been.