Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sleep: My Greatest Enemy

Hear this article read to you:

Unlike when I took this photo a few weeks ago, I was unusually in bed by 3:30am last night. Four and a half hours later I’m up for the day at the unholy hour of 8am. What do you people do with yourselves when you wake at this hour? There’s that awful ball of light in the sky that hurts my eyes. I might actually be able to get to church for the first time since Jesus walked the Earth. I suppose I’m going to have to shave.

Obviously, I kid, but Sleep and I haven’t been getting along for sometime. Take an insomniac and saddle him with more family drama than can be found on Melrose Place and you get a bleary eyed guy one donut shy of a full box.

I won’t count those proverbial chicks, but usually epochs in sleep schedules change like this for me. One day I’m an insomniac; the next day I’m sleeping normally. If I can avoid napping today and remember to retire soon after midnight I may actually flip my schedule around and get a handle on the Depression that’s creeped back into my life lately…