Saturday, October 03, 2009

Anywhere But Here

Hear this article read to you:

Catherine Lake
Originally uploaded by Darkstream.
I’ve been walloped by a bug for the past two days. I’ve had worse, but I’m hardly having fun at the moment. Wobbly, woozy, and weak describes it best. Plus incontinent. Oh, is that too much information?

Tonight I imagined I was going to visit an art supply store in Sugarhouse, then spend some time in Barnes & Noble writing until closing. It was a nice dream. Too bad it never transformed into reality. Instead, I stayed home too groggy to write or draw or clean or do much of anything other than download TV episodes and watch them blearily. (Stargate Universe was pretty good, by the way.)

I had lots of drama with my family, though. They know how much I love it. They make sure I get a daily dose, especially when I’m sick.

Of course, everything isn’t always high strung with my girls. To the left is a photo representing one hour of hiking and lots of sweat & hyperventilating. Deep in the mountains between Brighton and Solitude is Catherine Lake. I went up there a month ago with my second oldest daughter. We had such a grand time, even with all the huffing and puffing. On nights like tonight when I can barely prevent myself from drooling all over the keyboard, I’m glad I have the photos to remind myself of happier, more mobile times.

Now please excuse me while I go crawl into my bed and try not to move for a few hours.