Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Book Friday and My Beard is Driving Me Nuts

I'm sick - But what's really sick is that lame beardLooking for a free book? Read on through and answer the questions at the end.

October seems to be defined by sickness. My wife had the Swine Flu, my kids had para influenza, and I'm still sick with the crud. Haven't showered or shaved since August. I may have mentioned it before. I can't recall. October is a blur.

At any rate, sickness is boring, so let's change the subject.

I hit 500 subscribers this week—quite a milestone for the blog. I've been publishing here for almost five years now. I've been honing my craft, developing my voice, coming perilously close to having a regular blogging schedule… It's all thanks to you and your readership. Now that there are 500 regulars, I should probably be ecstatic that you aren't all leaving comments since I've made it a goal this Fall to reply to everyone.

Coming up in the next few weeks are some articles on ADHD & worry, my findings on Seasonal Affective Disorder, and a revealing article on embarrassing impulses. You won't want to miss it. Think of all the material I'll be posting that you can blackmail me with.

My chapter book is coming along in surges. I've set the goal to finish it before the 31st of this month. Assuming I don't just waste the next nine days watching Rockford Files episodes while feeling gray and washed out, I might even make it with a day or two to spare. I was mentioning this on my friend Brodi's website. I'm two thirds through the rewrite, but if I run out of time I could always reduce the ending to its crudest form:
Then something happens.
Oh no! Great angst.
Then Riff gets really clever.
Something happens.
Something else happens.
Yay! He saved the day.

I can tell it's going to be a blockbuster…

And now for the questions. Answer both to qualify. One person will win a copy of comedian Jeff Nichols' TrainWreck - My Life as an Idoit. I recently reviewed this book for ADDitude Magazine. It's irreverently funny, very offcolor, often profane, and not for the fair of heart, but its brutally honest details of Nichols' life on the ADHD edge reveal how a once troubled guy overcame his disabilities and found happiness. It wasn't my cup of tea, but I know I have more than a few ADHD readers who will enjoy it immensely. Please play along even if you don't want the book for yourself.
  1. How do you read this blog? (On the web, RSS reader, Facebook, by fairy proxy, etc.)
  2. What defined October for you?
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