Friday, November 13, 2009

In Which Douglas Pretends to Write a Short Entry About Free Books & Fertilizer

(cc) Douglas CooteyIdeally, this is a short entry because I'm supposedly working as much as I can on my novel. We'll see how that goes. The spirit is willing, but the mind is weak.

You may not have caught it earlier, but I was asked to review a book for ADDitude Magazine. That review is now up on their site (See Trainwreck - My Life As an Idoit). It's short & sweet and hopefully not shared here too late for Claire, who won the book a few weeks ago. Give it a read and let me know what you think of it.

Speaking of winning things, I'm giving out free books here.
Are you sure you want to lurk? It's not as if I'm giving out old copies of TV Guide, though I do have some Marilyn Monroe ones sitting in a box somewhere I thought would become collectibles. No, these are books I'm moving off my shelves because they don't fit on them. All you have to do to get your hands on one of them is read my story sample and leave a comment no shorter than three words either here or at that entry. I'll pick one winner at random and announce the name next Tuesday. You have until one week from that day to claim your prize.

Just three words. It's easy. I'll show you.

"Duude, so bad."
"Fit for fertilizer."
"Seared my eyes!"

You can obviously write more if you wish. People who tweet about this contest get double chances at winning. Just post your Twitter name and a link to the tweet if you can. Use this link for sharing:

Posting so much over Halloween was a big mistake. Apparently all 6000 monthly readers hit that holiday hard. None of you popped by my home either. I was giving away chocolate, rubber bats, and a leather-bound copies of my unpublished picture books—annotated—but only one family came by. I'm not sure why, but they all fled in fear.

Suddenly noticing that this entry is not very short.

To light a fire under my fanny, I've posted a goal on the side of the blog. I'm giving myself until the end of the month to rewrite and finish the first draft. Unlike my powerhouse NaNoWriMo friends, I'm not pumping out 50,000 words daily, but I'll get the first draft done. Hold me to it. This week AD/HD and Chronic Motor Tic Disorder are nailing my wings to my back, but I'm determined to see this through regardless.

I'll leave you now with some links people have shared with me. You may find them of interest. At any rate, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Paul Stride shared with me a song he wrote about his fight with Depression. It's got a Downtempo Pop groove. Very nice. I rather liked it. Give it a listen on his website - Open My Eyes

Dr. M. I. Bonkers sent me notice of two classic ads from the 70s for Ritalin and Cylert. Both drugs are there to help you with Minimal Brain Disfunction. Cue J. P. Gumby… "My Brain HURTS! Ooooh!!" I like Dr. Bonkers' work. You all know I'm no fan of psychmeds.

These vintage ads are classic examples of Big Pharma disease-mongering
at its finest.

Step right up! See the birth of a discrete disease entity before your
very eyes!

1970 Ritalin advertisement: The mean child who doesn't mean it.

1975 Cylert advertisement: He can't help it. He has MBD.

I receive all sorts of promos, but I haven't had time to verify they're not just selling you something. I hope to share more links with you next week.

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