Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live AD/HD Feed on Twitter

Here's a live Twitter search I've been experimenting with. Many people comment on AD/HD in their daily lives on Twitter. Some accept it; some deny it. Some mock it; some praise it. I've filtered the search to leave out the several million blog posts so you should be able to get a good idea of what real people think about the subject by looking over the stream.

It's likely not work safe, but any attempts to filter out cuss words have them posted in bold at the top of the page when you "Join the conversation". It made me laugh out loud. So terribly NOT what I had intended.

You can reply to the tweets in the stream by hovering your mouse to the right of the tweet's time stamp. I've found some great tweets to reply to this way. You can also log in to the comments below using your twitter account. Click on Sharing Options and make sure Twitter is selected. Let's get some constructive conversations going about AD/HD. There's still a lot of misinformation and loneliness out there.