Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being Busy Is a Christmas Tradition

Customer Service Pergatory

I just finished the last edits on a rewrite for ADDitude Magazine. I'm working up an article for them based on my experiment in May '08 regarding Multi-Irons Syndrome.

Revisiting that material has been eye opening for me. In fact, it's shaping the focus of my blog going forward. Instead of random ramblings, I've been mulling over the idea of having a goal for the year—something to work toward. I have to admit being inspired by Julie & Julia. I like the idea of blogging with a purpose. That's what worked for the MIS articles and I'm surprised I haven't done more of it. It's like I was distracted or something.


ADHD joke there.

I had intended to write a new article for you today, but life being what it is for me (chaos bundled in hearts & lace stuffed into a musket and blasted in my face from a passing bus), I may not get to it until later tonight. So Tuesday's article will appear on my birth day, tomorrow.

On another note, I finished Christmas shopping last week, but haven't managed to put up the tree yet. Or wrapped anything. Better luck next year, I suppose. Here's hoping you aren't out there in the final hours of Christmas madness.

The photo above was taken last week before all the crazed procrastinators headed out in droves. I enjoy exploring my world through the camera of my iPhone. I find it provides me peace when all around me is frantic and frazzled. I invite you to visit my Flickr space. I've been updating my photo albums there with these creative explorations. This photo is from my Toy Camera collection.

Thanks for reading.

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