Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time To Sleep & Dream of Writing

Cascading Light

I had a mixed day today. Some ups; some downs. I finally got over the sickness that's been pounding me down like a tent peg. I had a wonderful conversation with my oldest daughter about her college opportunities. Then I forgot to pick up my second oldest daughter because I was talking with the oldest daughter. I guess that's what they call a wash.

I spent my writing time in Barnes & Noble struggling with their WiFi and then writing a flippant letter in reply to a sarcastic one I received from some customer support worker bee. On the surface, not such a great day. There were other failures as well.

But I don't care about any of that. I worked in my chapter book today(!) and pulled myself out of the bog of revision I had been stuck in for weeks. I wrote new material and became excited about the story again. This was a delightful development. I also prewrote my two columns for ADDaboy! for next week—a major accomplishment. I will have no writing now except for my own all next week until Friday. This is exactly as I planned the juggling act from the beginning. I have high hopes I will continue.

Having ADHD, Depression, and a tic disorder often makes for difficult times, as you can imagine. Worst is not being able to stick to plans. Today, the plan stuck to me. It may be 6:29am, but I am going to sleep with a weight off my shoulders for a change.

Perchance I will dream as well tonight and find new things to write about.