Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coming Up for Air

There are really only a few things I accomplished this week. I spent my mornings with my newly graduated eighteen year old, spent the afternoons driving kids about, and spent the time in between being sick & exhausted.

It all started when I replaced my CPAP with a bright, shiney new one on Tuesday. The old one was ten years old and occasionally failing. One would think that I would be happy. Unfortunatley, it appeared that my new CPAP was trying to kill me.

Oh, I know it's supposed to help me breathe, but it was doing the polar opposite. Perhaps I offended it in a previous life when I was incarnated as a tempermental electrical outlet. All I know is that I'm waking up each morning feeling like I have been scaling a glass building all night long with nothing but a suction cup and my tongue.

I'm also sick, which isn't helping.

Overall, being sick & tired is rather boring. I'm as tired of this phase of my life as you are likely fatigued reading about it. Here's hoping tomorrow brings new adventure.

Earlier in the week I finished chapter one of #snkrz. Then I began chapter two and realized I had altered my story so far off the notes that I either needed to adapt to the new direction or I would need to rewrite chapter one. Seeing how the new direction led me into a bog and hit me over the head with a bat, I'll opt for rewriting.

In the meantime, I'm happy to announce that Stage Two of my blog redesign has been completed. I hope you like the visual upgrade. Next stage involves tweaking here and there with spiffy graphics and arcane CSS wizardry until I'm happy with the final results, but only after I get some more writing done.

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