Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Forgot to Mention My ADDaboy! Blogs. You'd Think I Had ADHD or Something…

I've been so busy living that I've forgotten to let you folks know about my latest blogs over at HealthyPlace.com.

Well, OK. So I only lived yesterday, but it was intense living albeit the short variety. More on that later…

For now, take a gander or a goose over at this:

5 ADHD Reasons Why I Never Get Anything Done - And one of them isn't Twitter.

There is a strong chance that I may not get most of my ToDo list checked off today. In fact, any day of the week that ends with the same three letters is likely to be such a day.

It all goes downhill from there.

ADDaboy! the Vlog: ADHD in Motion - Yes, they want me to vlog for them. I think they're crazy, too. It's silly stuff, but you may find a kindred spirit within the streaming zeros and ones.

I Weigh in on ADHD and Exercise - Regrettably, I have an awful lot of weight to throw around on the subject.

I read an interesting article over at ADDitude Magazine the other day. Dr. John Ratey (of Hallowell & Ratey’s Distraction series) reported on the success Jackson, one of his patients, had with exercise in treating his ADHD. Jackson was able to treat ADHD and Depression with an intense running regimen, even taking himself off medications completely. Could others experience the same results?

If you can, please leave comments over there. It makes me look almost successful and stuff. In return for the favor, I'd gladly reciprocate. Just leave a link to your blog post here. Hopefully, that isn't too confusing.