Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sleepwriting and Other Musings

FallingI'm afraid Monday's article will be late. It is now going to be Tuesday's article. I had planned on writing about the answers several authors gave me when I asked them about their daily word count goals. However, my youngest daughter had a seizure yesterday morning in the wee hours. I found myself out buying OJ instead of sleeping. Contrary to popular belief, I do actually sleep. Yesterday at 4am was supposed to be one of those times. Alas.

I am now twitching and ticking and falling asleep with bobbing head while trying to finish the ADDaboy! article I forgot to finish earlier, or actually was unable to finish earlier because I was ticking and then watching the season ender of Castle. And Chuck. It is almost 4am again and this time I had hoped to sleep at 1am, but alas again. I have an article due for a 9am posting. Tomorrow will be a hard day to get through. Should be fun, what with sleep deprivation and its exciting affect on my tic disorder.

The funny thing about writing when I'm tired, aside from the creative spelling and the missing words here and there, is that anything I write takes ages to finish. You see, I can't keep on task to save my life. Not when my brain has settled in for the night and left me to finish up without it.

With luck my article will not read like an opium dream and instead will be witty and useful, and perhaps even coherent.

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